Positive Psychology

“Happiness is not an art or a gift, it’s a skill.”

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One of the most unexpected results of the TEDx talk was the remarkable number of people who commented on my level of happiness, rather than the language learning content. The fact is that I have been  working on my happiness since I was a teenager. In the past few years, I immersed myself in the field of positive psychology, the science of happiness. Happiness, like many other skills is something that can be learned and practiced. Today, I teach a leading course in positive psychology: The Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP). The next 9-month program will begin on October 15th and you can apply to join my class here


If you haven’t heard of CAPP before, I can’t encourage you enough to consider it. CAPP has been a life-changing experience to hundreds of students and I am always humbled by the beautiful moments we share in the 9-months that we study together. 

If my class doesn’t work for your schedule, I would still encourage you to join any of the other instructors, I vouch for their incredible teaching too.