Sid Efromovich

“My purpose is to transform the lives of the people who can transform the world.”

Sid Efromovich


About me

I am a learner, dad, husband, public speaker, facilitator and social entrepreneur who transitioned from the sugar trade into the real sweetness of helping individuals, families and their communities flourish. I speak seven languages and have delivered three TEDx talks, one of which is a top 20 most viewed talk on the TEDx channel with over 10M views. I am the founder of Humans United Giving Support (HUGS - formerly called Hug Don’t Hate), an organization that has been spreading love in Boston since 2005. I moved to New York in 2010 and made it my new home, where I worked as a sugar trader and taught Sid’s Happiness Workshop. Subscribing to the philosophy and movement of Effective Altruism I am leveraging my previous experience and graduate degrees in Business Administration and Applied Positive Psychology to do the most amount of good I can with the resources I have available. I do this as a co-founder and pledger of Generation Pledge, a social movement and community dedicated to helping ultra high net wealth heirs improve their impact and well-being. I am also the creator and instructor of 6 Techniques, an online class to help anyone learn foreign languages better and faster. Additionally, I am also a faculty member of The Flourishing Center, where I teach the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP). A fun fact is that I met my wife, Faran Efromovich, at a flash mob while dancing to “Baby Got Back.” Years later, I proposed using a flashmob too.

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Every professional activity I’ve committed myself to in my adult life has been done in service of becoming the best impact agent I can be. Since 2018, this has been manifested into Generation Pledge.


Positive Psychology

Living happily is a skill. Positive psychology is the science of happiness. I teach one a leading certification course in positive psychology, the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.


Language Learning

After learning 7 languages and experiencing 14 different methods to learn languages, I found what works and what doesn’t work in language learning. The 6 Techniques can help you learn any language faster and better.